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Adzly versus Adsense and others 

If you have not heard of Google and Google Adsense, then you are probably living somewhere as a hermit, or you suffer from technophobia. 

Google Adsense is the most popular contextual advertising on the internet. They have been around for some time and it is not likely that you can surf more than a few web sites without coming across Google Ads. However, they do have competition. Other advertising firms that I have used in recent years on my websites include AdBrite and Bidvertiser.

 But, there is a new kid on the block! Its name is Adzly Adzly.

 Adsense, Adbright, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, Chitika, Adlandpro, Clicksor and the dozens of other firms in the market place don’t hold a candle to Adzly . 

Adzly has been around only since the last week in November, 2010. But, it has gone viral, and we will all see much more of adzly  in the coming months and years. Those astute business people among us will also profit significantly from adzly . Especially if they are among the “early birds” catching this “worm”. 

Personally over the last few days in my spare time I have been reviewing my various websites and deleting all of my AdBrite and Bidvertiser advertisements. These have all been replaced with adzly ads. Last count I had placed adzly widgets on 67 different sites. I have over 200 primary domains registered, so I still have a way to go.

 Why am I adzlyising all of my sites? 

Because, adzly is a powerful marketing tool that allows me (and you, if you choose) to place thousands of targeted ads across thousands of websites …, all for free! 

Not only will adzly effectively promote products and services that we have on offer, but it will also earn a significant income for us at the same time. 

Here is how it works:

  • You create an adzly widget using adzly easy online interface.
  • You then place this widget on one or more of your websites.
  • If you prefer you can create different widgets for different websites. (this is my personal preference as it allows me to ascertain how each website is performing)
  • Every time someone opens your page where you have a widget, you earn credits.
  • Each widget that you place on a website has a link to your adzly account.
  • If someone sets up their own FREE adzly account from one of your links. You not only get credit from your widgets, but also from all the widgets they place on their sites.
  • The more credits you earn, the more opportunity you will have of getting your advertisements seen on websites which have some relation to the products and/or services you are marketing 

All of this you can do without spending any money whatsoever!


Click on the banner above or any of the links in this article to set up your own adzly account.



Ian McKenzie

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Category: Business

Club Asteria

A business model has been developed where all members benefit from the services offered.

Training, counselling, educational services, business tools and an extensive library with 10,000 titles all of which are downloadable.

The commission structure for members is second to none. 50% of a member's fee is paid to the person who introduced the member each and every month, as long as both are active members.

Earning from the sale of programs, products and services are also shared with members to help them achieve their goal of having a better life for themselves and their families.


Club Asteria

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Category: Business


Aussie Business Plans


There is a well known saying that in business if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Many businesses which start up do not continue operating longer than a year or so. There are many reasons why businesses fail, but one of the primary reasons is lack of adequate planning.


Every business regardless of its size should have a plan. Unfortunately many small businesses still start up without having a written Business Plan. Doing so is highly risky behaviour.


The good news is that assistance in producing a Business Plan is freely available. Without having to purchase any texts, soft-ware programs or paying consultants, anyone, anywhere can access appropriate free of charge resources from websites, and produce a reasonable Business Plan. Of course, if you are not a qualified Accountant or Solicitor and you plan to go into business, it is always advisable to obtain advice from these professionals first. Legislation varies not only from country to country, but also very often between different local authorities.


I have called this article “Aussie Business Plans”. The majority of the websites listed are Australian. I am an Aussie, and I have an Aussie bias. However, the resources listed in this article are available to anyone regardless of where you are geographically located. No doubt, if you decide to use your favourite search engine you will find many other resources that may be more specific to your requirements or the part of the world where you live.


The first site I recommend that you visit is “The Australian Business Enterprise Centres” website. It’s URL is www.beca.org.au When you get to the site you will see a link called “Starting your own business Checklist”. That link is to a pdf file which is an Australian Government Publication. Download the file to your computer, save it and print a copy to use.


The second site I suggest you visit in your quest to obtain further information regarding Business Plans is an Australian Government site. The URL is www.business.gov.au


Part of the way down that first page, are the following three links:


Thinking of Starting a Business

Starting a Business

Growing a Business


Under each of the tabs is further information on the topic and links to various pages on the website. However, as Stephen Covey would say, “first things first”: Click on the “Thinking of Starting a Business” tab and you will see another link called “Thinking of Starting a Business Guide”. http://www.business.gov.au/Howtoguides/Thinkingofstartingabusiness/pages/default.aspx


On that page you will find the following links. This is probably a good page to “bookmark” so that you can return later and check out the various links. However, we are particularly interested at the present time in Business Plans. So, click on the link “How do I write a Business Plan?”



That link will take you to a page which lists the main elements of a Business Plan. More importantly, on the page you will see links to firstly a “Word” template for a Business Plan, and a “Word” guide to writing a Business Plan.

Business plan template (Word, 0.61MB)

Business plan guide (Word, 0.67MB)


These are valuable resources for you. There are several websites which have free Business Plan templates for you to use. Another is the Northern Territory Government website, and a private site called Business Balls. The URL’s to obtain each of these templates is listed below:




My preference is the first one that I have listed, the Australian Government template. Being a “Word” document, you can work with it on your own computer screen.


The Business Balls site which I mentioned is another you should bookmark to come back to later. It has links to many resources which will be useful for you in operating your business. www.businessballs.com

Business Balls is an international site. Another site which is Australian is also worth a look. It’s URL is www.smartcompany.com.au/business-plan


Governments in Australia, Commonwealth and each of the States, want Australian businesses to be successful. They have many resources available to assist you to be successful in starting and operating your business. Here are some additional links that you should investigate:








If you have been to each of the above links and started work on your Business Plan, congratulations, as I have mentioned earlier, you can complete a Business Plan without having to purchase any texts or software whatsoever.


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Category: education

Currently I teach at three different campuses belonging to two different tertiary institutes.

At one of these institutes I teach undergraduate students enrolled in Bachelor of Health Science degree courses, and at the other I teach postgraduate International students in what is called a “Professional Year Program”.

Both roles I thoroughly enjoy and I often consider the differences and the similarities between the two groups of students. Those considerations have led to the title of this article, “Wisdom, Communication and Culture”, because those three attributes are inextricably linked.

If one hundred different people were asked for a definition of “wisdom”, or their understanding of “wisdom”, I would not be at all surprised if one hundred different responses were received. Succinctly defining or describing “wisdom” is an almost impossible task. One reason for this being that understanding of it can be culturally related. Your race, background, attitudes, values and beliefs can all impinge on your understanding of what “wisdom” really is.

As an example, some cultures have a greater respect for their elderly than others. These cultures place a strong correlation between advancing years and wisdom. Life experiences must certainly have a place in what is considered “wisdom”. If we make mistakes and learn from them, then we are becoming wiser. Probably more importantly, if we have successes and learn from them also, then we are becoming wiser.

However, none of us live long enough to make all the mistakes or have all the successes ourselves. We therefore need to learn from others’ mistakes and successes. This is the knowledge bank that we have available for us to use.

Wisdom though, is more than one’s age, life experiences and accumulated knowledge, it is more about the application of these things and the wholeness of life.

The owl is often used as a symbol of wisdom. It has large prominent eyes which not only see in the dark, but appear to be watching everything with penetrating attention.

So wisdom is also about “seeing”. It is about seeing beyond a narrow perspective to other points of view and the bigger picture. It involves seeing into the future and understanding the possible consequences of our actions. It is about seeing and understanding that we have and need to use multiple intelligences. We need to integrate facts, understandings, spiritual sensibilities, emotional intelligence, universal intelligence and diverse experiences and perspectives.

This brings me to the “Communication and Culture” part of this article’s title. The more we communicate with people who are different from us the greater will be our understanding of those people. This will in turn lead to a reduction of prejudice and produce a deeper understanding and acceptance of different values, beliefs and attitudes.

Former cultural barriers are being broken down through effective communication. Different world cultures are not as isolated in the 21st century, as they were in the earlier part of the 20th century and prior to that. The world in effect has become a much smaller place, and we are all learning more from each other.

Positive attitudes, compassion, understanding and desiring the good of the whole through sound communication with all, including those from other cultures will lead to greater wisdom.

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Category: Social Media

The School of Communication at the University of Elon in collaboration with the PEW Research Centre has just released (July, 2010) a report on their findings on a survey they conducted on the future of social relations. 


Respondents to the survey were asked two questions to which they were asked to give a response. The choice of responses were simple either “agree” or “disagree”. In addition to the two questions, respondents were also invited to submit their comments re the issue. 


The questions asked were: 


“In 2020, when I look at the big picture and consider my personal friendships, marriage and other relationships, I see that the internet has mostly been a positive force on my social world. And this will only grow more true in the future.” 


“In 2020, when I look at the big picture and consider my personal friendships, marriage and other relationships, I see that the internet has mostly been a negative force on my social world. And this will only grow more true in the future.” 


The survey results confirmed that the social benefits of internet use will far outweigh the negatives over the next decade. Reasons for the reported results included the fact that social networks and other online tools rediscover and improve social ties that make differences in people’s lives.  


It was also acknowledged in the survey that the internet as a communication tool yielded both positive and negative effects, The negative effects however were far outweighed by the positive. 


The two survey questions I have posed in the polls section of Kule Space. It will be interesting to compare the results of the survey at Kule Space with the results obtained by the University survey. We may wait until a significant number of members have completed the poll before doing that comparison. 


You have the opportunity to make comments at the end of this Blog, or preferable at the polls. Please do so. We can also compare these comments with those obtained at the University survey.


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Category: Business

Among the groups at Kule Space you may have noticed one called "Professional Year Group".

Membership of and participation in this group is restricted to current or former participants of the Professional Year Program run in Australia.

The Professional Year Program is a program that has been organised for Post-Graduate International students who wish to reside and work in Australia. Generally these students have completed their initial undergraduate Bachelor degree in their area of specialisation in their home country. Following that, they have completed either additional Bachelor degrees and/or Masters degrees at Australian universities. One of my current students is enrolled in a Ph.D. program.

The federal government in Australia has what is known as a "Skilled Migration Program". The students with whom I work are a part of that program. These students come from one of the following areas of expertise: Accountancy, Engineering, Information Technology. Typical countries from which they come include: China, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

A primary emphasis in the Professional Year Class is to improve the participants' employability skills. Communication skills, including oral and written and an understanding of Australian culture, especially in the workplace are therfore integral components of the program. The students also complete a workplace internship with a firm in their area of expertise as a part of the Professional Year Program.

In the past, I have set up a FaceBook page for these students, but now that we have Kule Space, I think it is a far preferable option.

These students are all highly intelligent and lovely people. In addition to me being their teacher and mentor, I look on them also as my friends. Friends for whom I genuinely wish for their success and happiness, and for whom I will advocate. By all means connect with them and make them feel welcome here at Kule Space. Please keep in mind however, that they are still studying, that they and their families have invested a significant amount in their education and their future life in Australia. At this stage of their careers, it is not in their best interests to be innundated with business propositions.

Thanks for you consideration.


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Category: Social Media

Ian McKenzie


Congratulations Jane and Phil!

I am referring of course to Jane Mark and Phil Bastion. These are the two who created Sokule, KuleMail, KuleTrack and now the brand new ……. KuleSpace

These two really are true World Wide Web Guru’s. They seem to be able to check out what’s available, and then go and make it better.

That is exactly what they have done with KuleSpace.

There are heaps of social and business networking sites available. And, KuleSpace is a social and business networking site, but Jane and Phil have taken the best attributes from the others and combined these together in KuleSpace.

Like the now very successful and popular SoKule, you can join KuleSpace for FREE…., and remain a free member indefinitely if you so desire.

But just like SoKule, there are enticing “carrots” for you to upgrade to various paid membership options as well. If you do wish to upgrade though, you can do it at any time in the future.

In another Blog I promoted Aaachoo. It is another new networking site, but Aaachoo is free only for the first twenty-one days whilst you take a look around. After that time with Aaachoo if you wish to continue as a member of the site you will need to join as a financial member, however with KuleSpace it will always be your choice whether you stay as a free member or upgrade to one of the paid categories.

You have the choice of FREE – SILVER – GOLD – FOUNDER with KuleSpace. It is all explained on the website when you go and visit. It was an easy decision for me. I did my sums and joined as a Founder member without hesitation.

Don’t miss this one. You have nothing to lose and heaps to gain.


Click on any of the links, join up and I shall see you in KuleSpace.


Ian's other Blogs are on his special Blog site http://blog.21c.vg



Ian McKenzie