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ICANetwork is a U.S. based technology service company who are leading the charge in the mobile industry. As technology evolves, so will ICANetwork. Our mission is to keep you ahead of your competition. To be on the cutting edge of the latest technology gives you a distinct advantage.


*Custom Phone App.

We are so confident in our product that we offer a 30 day free trial, with no contract to sign.  The app. is a 6 page mini mobile site and the setup is dead easy to do. Access is immediate; there is unlimited site access so companies may update their specials as often as they wish. As a bonus we have included unlimited text/email messaging. What we provide is NOT a Shared App.


This is a full-featured App and Mobile Website that is dedicated to you and your marketing message.  No other marketing tool can deliver the same exposure.  It is like having your business brochure in your customer’s back pocket 24/7.


There is an optional onetime setup fee of $150. The Polaris Group will provide ongoing training and support for members who wish to avoid this cost. The cost is only $39 a month.

*Go Mobile Friendly. 

If your website is not mobile-friendly, if your visitor has to squint, has to physically manipulate and enlarge their mobile screen or scroll right/left and up/down to see your site, they will move on to another website.


If your website is not easy to read - your traffic will LEAVE!!


To convert, ICANetwork does NOT require access to the members’s www.website’s  C-panel, or admin login. We do not use a template; our unique software aided by a human eye can now very efficiently take a website and render it viewable on the small screen without changing the richness and fullness and objective of the desktop version. Instead of showing graphics at say their original 680 dpi(dots per inch) our software reduces that down by about 90%. 


We convert the website to be viewable for all mobile devices and host these variations on our own servers. When a prospect views your site, we detect what kind of mobile device they are using, then instantly redirect them to the appropriate version. The cost is $740; the Polaris Group will reduce this price to $615. A yearly maintenance fee of $140 ensures that the mobile site will remain viewable with all future technology.  The Polaris Group will reduce the maintenance to $120. 

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Our Mission: Discovering Ability through the Magic of Snow Sports
Our Motto: Safety, Fun, and Learning


Summer is over and now I cannot wait for the snow. What would we ever do without those  cold snowy nights. What I look forward to most  is skiing with all the friends that I have made over the years at  the Track 3 program.


Ontario Track 3 Ski Association is a story of success. Success not only for its growth over the past years, but for the hundreds of young people with varying disabilities, who, through the challenge of skiing and snowboarding, have discovered that in spite of their disability, they could live an active life.

Ontario Track 3 Ski Association started in 1972, with a few amputee students and some hand me down equipment. The name “Track 3” comes from the three tracks left in the snow by an amputee skiing with one ski and two outriggers. The program was funded by the Easter Seal Society, but was operated by a small group of dedicated volunteers. Some are still involved with the program today.


Since the program proved so successful to amputee youngsters, it was not long before those with other disabilities were introduced to the program. Once instructor-training methods were developed to teach these skiers, they too began to benefit in the same way as the amputees.

In 1987 a group of volunteers involved with Track 3, decided to separate from the Easter Seal Society, and incorporate themselves as the ‘Ontario Track 3 Ski Association for The Disabled’. Their mandate… “To provided the best possible program for youngsters with disabilities, using only current ski equipment and fully trained and qualified instructors, support staff and ski technicians.” To further this goal, Ontario Track 3 Ski Association created its own Board of Directors, charged with keeping the organization constantly looking and moving forward, and to remain financially viable.


Over the years, Ontario Track 3 Track 3 has more than met its mandate. The organization has developed a training system with detailed manuals that correspond to a graded instructor training program. Ontario Track 3 Ski Association has their own trained, experienced course conductors to help enable new volunteers to work with the children on the hill.


23 years later and Ontario Track 3 Ski Association now runs 16 "Seven Week" long programs for children and youth with disabilities at 14 different locations in Ontario. The "Seven Week" programs are offered to each student one day or one evening per week for children and young adults age 6-19 years.  Programs address multiple risk factors related to health promotion, including: physical activity, sport and recreation, injury prevention, and support for people and their families with cognitive development issues, mental health issues and physical disabilities.  The range of developmental and/or physical disabilities include (but are not limited to) children with cerebral palsy, autism, amputee, spinal cord injury, visual impairments, chromosomal (Down) syndromes, ADD, hemiplegia and others.


If you love to ski this is the program to join. The payment is priceless, to see a smile that takes over the whole face and bear hugs that would put a bear to shame.



acknowlegment: Track 3 Ski Association