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Posted: 10/17/2010 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: Business

I have  borrowed some of the details in this brief discussion from a Rolution salespage. The reason I have done this, is quite simply because it said what I believe very succinctly and supplies figures to back up the statements. I certainly have not verified the figures myself, but have no trouble believing them.

I personally spent a year bouncing from one 'pot o gold' to another, I became involved in various ponzi schemes around which inevitably collapsed taking my 'investments' with them. I could get only very few and scattered signups to my programs (even the good ones) quite simply because, in my pursuit of easy money, I was neglecting the learning required. If you want to be come a baker, you learn to bake. If you want to become a mechanic, you learn the skills of a mechanic. Why is it that people think that to become a successful internet marketer all you have to do is signup and pay your dollars? The fundamental laws of economics are not repealed online, you must work to make your online business work, just as you need to work for the success of your bakery or workshop offline.

"Every year Millions of dollars are spent around the world by people just like you who join online opportunities that claim you can get rich by doing absolutely nothing but pay a fee. People spend an average of 5 years and $10,000 before they finally learn that no such thing exists."

Scary figures and I am sure glad that it only took me 1 year to learn! The income to be gained from a successful online business is unlimited except by how hard you are prepared to work to attain it. Work now towards selected goals and reap the harvest for years.. in fact bequeath the harvest! A good business will be that worthwhile.

"They say: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If that is the case then the Internet is definitely the world's largest insane asylum. Every day more and more people come online and get sucked into the game--this is a game you don't need to play. If you are already playing, it is time to STOP"

The above snippet is very apposite. How many times have you said to yourself '..this time. This one will do it!..this one will make me rich!'  or other similar platitudes? A serious question to ask yourself and keep asking yourself, the hype merchants are very, very good at what they do.

You, too, need to become something different to succeed online. You need to become an internet marketer. When I first started I sought out this and that ebook and video tutorial..  I now have oodles of 'em. Most of them are unread or certainly not adequately understood. Many if not most of these publications are well worthwhile and valuable resources to maintain at your disposal but information overload approaches all too fast!

Some ideas and concepts you can never seem to grasp haunt you or just get ignored. Imagine if you had access to responsive and accessible mentors as a part of membership of a community. Could you see that situation being beneficial to your business? To be able to ask your questions live in a webinar and get feedback from members of the community as well as the administration? A thriving and active forum where your questions get answered and real assistance proffered?

Call me biassed, but my online business is now firmly ensconced within the best such community online. Not only do the regular marketing training sessions cover the various systems which make up the QUIK Family of Advertising programs, they also provide training and advice for the effective usage of various marketing systems offered in the back-office. many of these programs compete directly with their own but Clint, the owner, appreciates their value as a resource and encourages his membership to fully utilise them.

Please feel free to contact me , I will do my best to reply as promptly as possible.

Posted: 9/30/2010 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: Personal Experiences

It was during one of my frequent and often prolonged telephone conversations to my friend during which he proudly stated that he had just purchased a new 'ten speed' cycle and would be riding to Ngaruawahia, a township a short distance from our home-city of Hamilton. In a huff of envy I snorted at him the relative lack of wisdom in such a purchase. After all, what could be achieved with such a specialist cycle other than racing around in circles? It was late in the seventh decade of the century recently past.

What followed was several years of two friends, despite attending very different school locations, planning cycle trips of ever extending magnitude for the various holiday periods. Such planning was quite noticeable in the lack of concern for prevailing weather conditions such as heading across bush covered ranges like the Mamakus at the onset of winter. Cycling in the fog and drizzle in typically summery cycling attire was one unwise aspect of these journeys but fully loaded and otherwise logging trucks hurtling by in these conditions was a safety aspect our youth relegated to just 'one of those things' you had to get used to. Such traverses were ubiquitously through forested and hilly terrain. Often very scenic when you could see further than a few hundred feet in any direction. Great in summer, if you could ignore the heat and the melting tar dragging at every pedal stroke on your over laden wheels. This was certainly a friendship that was founded on mutually held values!

It was on one of these trips across the Mamakus, in noticeably more clement weather than previously referred to, that we had one of several encounters which in some way or another had an influence on us both as people and friends. As we were traveling through Fitzgerald Glade, we saw ahead of us a middle aged Maori gentleman emerging from the bush edge and begin to gather up his aging single speed cycle. We stopped to chat as travelers are often wont to do.

As it transpired this gentleman whose name has, unfortunately, passed from my memory was undertaking a challenge to cycle from Auckland to Wellington. His attitude and humour struck me as especially admirable when it was discovered that he was a recent dischargee from service in the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment, an ambition of mine for many a year before. We offered him some of our fruit juice fortified with glucose.

While initially reaching for our proffered vessels, he withdrew his hand and stated that water alone was his preference. He would find a stream he said. Here began the demise of our youthful fixation with the energy elixirs we had been attempting to find. After all, it had always been available from our taps and the wellsprings of our minds. We would meet this fine fellow only briefly for one more time on our journeys. Kia Kaha Friend!

This time, on a return trip from Wellington, we were assailed by a furry Australian over stayer. We had stopped at a point on the Napier – Taupo road said to have hot pools available as indeed there were, although not such as we would have expected. After several inquiries from the locals present we wandered down a track between patchy gorse and bracken to find a partially constructed and occasionally used bathing shelter comprising two concrete block baths with natural hot springs issuing forth into them and finally disappearing trough the overflow to the river valley below. A lovely vista indeed. The baths themselves were of somewhat crude construction but this in no way detracted from the benefits to be had from the soothing mineral waters on two tired and aching bodies. Full of appreciation of the waters and the cost we strolled happily back to our camp site under a spreading macrocarpa tree and prepared our evening meal. It was as we attempted to achieve a much needed sleep that the fiend struck. Clambering noisily around in the tree above, sending carefully aimed detritus and other unmentionable products at our tent.

After a period of grumbling and cursing from us both, things eventually settled and we proceeded to sleep. Sleep, that is until my bicycle was sent crashing to the ground. Our rapidly searching torch light beams catching the beady red reflections from the eyes of the culprit peering from above the saddlebag of the disturbed bicycle. The critter, thus itself disturbed, then seemed content to pad stridently, if quadrupeds can be described as moving stridently, around our tent and occasionally taunt us with the horrible chortling challenge of Trichosurus vulpecula.

Continuing on, I will describe an important personal event occurring towards the end of the southward leg on our journey to Bluff. It was somewhere in the vicinity of Clinton, State Highway One rolling over the foothills to the Southern Alps, where my motivation and commitment to this venture Russell and I had undertaken flagged. My grumblings and weariness were sporadically displayed in fitful irreverent comments to my traveling companion. No apparent heed was taken by Russell until at a rest stop I seriously confronted him with my plan to avoid the drudgery and toil of the return trip with no loss of glory to ourselves. It involved a leisurely train trip back up the country. Not an especially cunning plan but simply by means of alighting at a more southern station than Hamilton, it would still allow us the apparently triumphal return of the travelers to cycle into our home-city. I quite naively made the crass statement that 'no-one would know!' to which he replied in a matter of fact one, 'I'll know'.


All further conversation and thought of quitting ceased with that simple statement. I was fifteen years of age then, and the shame of that weakness of will on my part is still one of my most powerful motivators. Albeit, only Russell's strength of determination made it so. I wish I could recount more.

Rest In Peace Russell. Killed by a drunk driver; twenty ninth day of January, nineteen hundred and eighty six.

Posted: 9/30/2010 - 4 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: Personal Experiences

When I began working online..

I sought 'easy' money .. usually turned out to be ponzis or worse & died after taking my money

I pursued the most recent in a vain attempt to be on 'top'..

I had come across this QUIK community & I thought .. it just sells advertising - where's the excitement in that!

I continued to search for that elusive 'secret'

I began, eventually to realise some of what I had in the
AdsAndCash downline builder for the QUIK community of programs.

I began to understand how to utilise some of the resources provided by my Diamond membership there.

I am lately finding more and more ways to apply the rotator, for example. I rotate images on my site, I rotate banner images, I rotate my downline links in various programs and so it goes on.

I sought excitement and furious activity..  only to realise that when I got there the 'furious' activity was dominated by 'tire kickers' and those sold of the belief that just being online was enough to 'make their fortune'.

Not until towards the tail end of the year recently past (2009), did the power of the mundane begin to gel in my mind. The QUIK community released
ResidualQUIK and I went along for a look see.

Indeed.. I under utilised it as a resource and undervalued it as an investment.

I continued program hopping, though to a lesser degree. My choices becoming gradually more rational and targeted. Something had to offer something back! Something to build my presence and business online.

Not that I actually had a focus..  even in the early months of this year, unbeknownst to myself, I was still actually  just another online vagrant hoping to find those golden nuggets buried within the sands of the internet.

I thought I had attained a focus yet I had not. I was certainly headed in the correct direction, but as a child on a mission is readily distracted by pretty baubles on their path, I too wandered off to chase several more 'sparkly' opportunities.

At a guess, I would say that my focus finally resolved around March of this year. My focus became firmly centered upon the SafeAdZone Community..  oh yes, that is the encompassing business entity within which the QUIK family exists. In essence they are interchangeable terms and I apologise if it confuses you at all. Please do not let it.

Clint, being the owner of this community of complementary programs, puts much effort to ensure that his members are not exposed to illegal, immoral and obviously poorly administered programs likely to lose money for members. Hence the relevancy of that name.

What was considered by myself to be an effective system as it stood, turned out only to be the framework upon which Clint was about to commence building something closer to his true vision.

This has been initiated with the substantial enhancements to
ListQUIK which will be fully realised in October with the launch of ListQUIK 2.0.

November is the scheduled time frame for Enhancements to
ResidualQUIK and both SuccessQUIK and the parent site RevenueMagic will be getting 'the treatment' also in the very near future.

The SafeAdZone is a truly progressive and ethical business. One I am proud to claim as my primary business interest online.

Come along to one of the almost daily
webinars held by Clint. These are sales presentations which often lead into Q&A sessions and are often followed by scheduled marketing training lessons.

These training sessions show, keenly, the difference between this business and any other online. Clint not only gives practical advice on the marketing and application of his own programs, but those of his competitors also.

He is doing his utmost to educate his membership to enjoy total and unfettered success online.

I personally, owe much to his influence, and others I follow such as Jason Wise and Tom Haley being notable individuals.

I come from a rural, military background and I am no stranger to hard physical labour. I have, however, decided to stop trading my life for money.

With the QUIK Family, myself and those who decide to work with me, will be able to build an income to allow us all to truly enrich our lives and of those close to us.

I thank you for getting this far, and please remember, as I state on my
website "My Downline's Success IS My Business".

I will do as much as I am able to help you if you are prepared to work with me  :)

Peter Watson aka surgreen
New Zealand