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Collect a Pay Check Every Friday...

Kule Space lets you join a community and Make Money at the same time. Simply introduces friends to Kule Space and when they upgrade, You GET Paid.

Kule Space offers you 4 levels of membership, each designed for any size business...

  • Free - (I just want to take a look around)
  • Silver - (It looks great, let me give this a try)
  • Gold - (I'm a serious marketer - I'm going Gold)
  • Founder - (I want the business level - This one's for me)

Kule Space Applications...

Each membership level provides you with more premium applications you will want to use at Kule Space. Services like chat, groups, instant messaging, events, polls, blogs and more. Kule Space is jam-packed with services that help you get noticed fast.

Fast Start Bonus...

If you are a Silver, Gold, or Founder member, you get paid fast start bonuses every time you sign up a new member. Fast start bonuses range from $15.00 to $25.00 depending on your membership level.

Generous Commissions...

Each Kule Space membership level earns you higher commissions ranging from 10% for a free member, right up to 50% for a founder level membership. Gold and Founder Level Members get paid 2 or 3 levels deep.

Bonus Points...

The higher your membership level, the more bonus points you get for each
action you take at Kule Space. These bonus points can be exchanged for advertising or exchanged for Sokens (credits) at our sister site, Sokule.


You can get maximum visibility for your business by advertising on Kule Space. Premium advertising is available for all size businesses. Founding members get 12 months FREE advertising as part of their membership.

Register Now...

When you register at Kule Space, login to the members area and click on the upgrade link. Then check out the membership levels and see what you can earn with each level. You will be able to see at a glance which Kule Space Membership level is right for you.

Start Collecting Your Weekly Check Now...

We pay you every Friday by PayPal, AlertPay, or check. Replace your job or add a second income now with Kule Space.


Jane Mark
Phil Basten
Kule Space

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